Hey Loves !




Are you ready for hair and beauty that is specifically catered to your particular needs and lifestyle?

Hair color that has a seamless grow out and looks incredible for months?


We specialize in blonding and balayage, spray tanning, and the ultimate bridal experience.


Our mission is to provide a customized luxury experience for each one of our guests while educating, inspiring, and promotiong beautiful, healthy, lived in hair color and beauty looks.   

I'm Laura Nicholas! 



 I believe when you invest in me as your hair

stylist, you are investing in your hair and the experience working with us!

I knew I found my place in this world and in the hair and beauty industry because i was able to express my creativity and be comfortable with who i am.  

Not only do i have the passion and creative mind for the hair and makeup industry, i also love educating those i have the opportunity the talk with daily. Creating styles specifically catered to you by paying close attention and applying the right techniques to achieve your particular needs and goals. 

COMMUNICATION & UNDERSTANDING = my best quality. Delivering the best results through in depth consultations before the start of each appointment, I am able to ensure that my clients are being heard, understood, and given incredible results time after time. Challenges, transformations and change are what I live for and wont be satisfied until you are because its not about creating varies hair colors and styles or different beauty looks, its about creating a vision together that best fits you and your lifestyle. 

The beauty of the hair and beauty industry is that it is constantly changing and evolving. I am constantly looking for new ways to grow, redesign, and be the best version of myself professionally and personally. 


Although I am an ambivert by default, I am a positive person who is always looking at the toward the brighter side of things. I am passionate, talkative and understanding, I will help you and work with you in creating a better and easier lifestyle for all hair and beauty needs. 

I believe that being truly committed to what you love despite the circumstances and hardships is a big part of sucess. Being told that you are a chatterbox and feeling like youre just a little to much for some people has only given me more determination than ever. Basically, what you see, is what you get. My "go with the flow and dance party" vibe isnt for everyone, however; i do take pride in creating a place of empowerment for everyone, I will always empower you to be yourself. 

Like i mentioned before i am a true ambivert, On my down time i like to spend my days with my family, my lifelong partner of 14 years and our two kitties. I LOVE to travel! My absolute favorite place is Croatia, my boyfriend was born and raised there so we enjoy going back every summer to travel and see our family. I absolutely find the most joy in being a apart of a womens travel forum where i often write itiniraies for women and families who are travelling to croatia. As a result og my wonderlust, there is nothing more exhilarating to me than exploring new places, customs, and cultures. I try to encorporate that in the vibe of the studio.